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The installer will replace any previous version.

Chrome  When the download has finished click on it's icon to run, then see SmartScreen below.

Firefox  Click 'Save File' in the popup. Press Ctrl-J to view downloads and when it's complete double click on the installer's icon to run.

The Edge browser is the default with a new computer.
Microsoft Edge  Click 'Save' in the popup, and then 'Run' when it's finished.  'is not commonly downloaded' message

Windows Defender SmartScreen  Click 'More info' and 'Run anyway'.

If after running the installer window doesn't appear click its icon on the Windows task bar.

Where is the downloaded file?
SmartScreen popup
'Cannot update the program. If the old program is currently running...'
USB security: The program doesn't run
Internet security: The program doesn't run
Norton  It's easier to install with Windows Defender the free anti-virus in Windows.
Apple Mac
Camera video doesn't appear
DirectX and the d3dx9_41.dll library
Auaura   Download free Auaura for Windows  or enter the emailed Pro code above.
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