Norton Security Suite removes a program file as 'not safe' or unknown 'reputation':

Disable Norton before file download, and install the downloaded program.
In Windows Explorer open the folder C:\Program Files (x86)\[application],
where [application] is for example Biofield Viewer or Auaura.
Click the right mouse button on the [application].exe file inside that folder.
Select   Norton Security Suite   Norton File Insight   Trust Now.

Alternatively, if Norton removes the file there is an option in Norton to 'Restore' it.

Background: Norton doesn't have a way to recognise our software, which has a different build for each user, and so doesn't trust it even though nothing harmful has been found. It's an 'unknown software' thing which is inconvenient. The answer is to override as explained above, or easier to install with Windows Defender which is the standard free anti-virus in Windows. As far as we are aware Norton doesn't offer any significant additional security vs the free Windows Defender, which is part of Windows 10 and updated frequently.


Email with any installation questions.
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