Installing on Apple Mac

updated 21 Oct 2018
This is a Windows application which can also run in a Windows installation on an Apple Mac.
There are many ways to run Windows applications on a Mac: Parallels (recommended), Boot Camp (free), VMWare Fusion, Wine (free), CrossOver, VirtualBox (free).
All except Wine and CrossOver require a paid Windows licence. We have heard from people using Parallels successfully, although it's possible that all are compatible.


Biofield Viewer on Parallels has been working ok for us and a number of other users, instructions below.
Parallels runs the Windows desktop in a window on the Mac Desktop, so both systems are available at the same time, and there is a method to transfer files between the two. There's also an option to hide the Windows desktop, so that Biofield Viewer can run right on the Mac desktop, just like ordinary Mac apps.
Parallels will even run Boot Camp (section below) within a window on the Mac desktop, so you have the advantage of maximum performance in direct Boot Camp, and the convenience of a Window on the Mac desktop through Parallels, with the same installation of Windows.
The price of Parallels and a copy of Windows may be similar to a Windows computer, which most people are going with, and it saves the extra installation work.
Both USB key and internet versions run in this way on the Mac. There is a report that the internet version is faster to start up. Let us know which edition you prefer for software updates.

Parallels allows you to buy Windows from within the app itself, and there is a free trial of both Parallels and Windows to check everything is working as it should be.
Parallels installation guide
Within the Windows window use our site to download and install the program as normal.

With the latest Windows updates DirectX should be installed already. If there is an error installing DirectX, install the latest DirectX from the Microsoft website, see our DirectX support page.
'Cannot load library d3dx9_41.dll' when running the application: see our DirectX support page.

Boot Camp

In Boot Camp Windows is installed on a separate hard drive partition so runs independently from Mac OS. This is the highest performance method and the most accurate as the computer becomes dedicated to Windows. To switch to and from the Mac operating system requires a system restart. We have not yet tested Boot Camp with Biofield Viewer. Mac compatibility with Windows 10 on Boot Camp


The other Windows on Mac options have not yet been tested, but some or all may work. Ask for a free trial of the platform and Windows before committing as we cannot be sure of compatibility.
VirtualBox doesn't support the 3D system we are currently developing for the next update, so not recommended.

Recommended computer and video equipment


Email with any installation questions.
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