We can also supply a laptop, preinstalled with Windows 11 / 11 Pro, Biofield Viewer 3D, Biofield Viewer Online and Light web apps, or simply unopened from the manufacturer. The competitive pricing also includes installation, lifetime support (except servicing direct to manufacturer) and free shipping by Fedex, hand delivered in UK, or collect from Wilton Wiltshire, in a few working days.

These are our recommended 17" screen laptops at best known prices for Biofield Viewer. If you have other requirements or coinsidering desktops or faster game style laptops contact: 01722 504515 or john@hugeaura.com  The 1299 is the model I use for development: CPU Mark 17000, GPU Mark 6500. The 699 CPU Mark 10000, GPU Mark 2700 is faster overall than our test machine. Other details are on Acer's UK website, where prices are intended to be the same.

The free preinstallation service is for UK. For worldwide systems I can calculate benchmark speeds or recommend best laptops at john@hugeaura.com

Global distributors

Order online above, or email john@hugeaura.com
or call John Catchpole UK 01722 504515 for an email invoice.
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