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Timagility is a working time manager with some key unique features.

As athletes pace themselves to achieve the best performance so should we when the kind of work we are doing uses significant energy. Working until tired, resting, then working again does the job, but is not an optimal scientific measurement. The price paid for working just a little too hard, wearing down the immune system just a little too much, is catching an infection that takes a number of days to recover from. With longer term tiredness, a form of stress, conditions can be more serious.

Timagility shows progress visually so we can tune our work level to what works for us to sustain an acceptable level of health, which will be different for every person and every kind of work.

Some 'work' really can be done all day, such as tidying the office, chatting casually to colleagues, and this can also be extremely productive. This doesn't need to be timed, and is excellent activity for when a 'rest' period is due according to Timagility.

I wrote this software from 2004, and have the personal data going back that far. This is mostly programming of course which is a mentally tiring exercise with short bursts of deep thought requiring longer rest periods in between for best performance.

I was never given this opportunity of flexibility in my previous paid job, and was really exhausted by the time I left. Now I work less than half the high energy hours, am 15 years older, and thanks to Timagility more productive than ever before. As a bonus it gives me regular relaxation time to not only enjoy life but make creative and lateral thinking decisions. Some of these decisions save working time by finding more efficient ways to do things, saving more time again.

In my data I can see years where the workload was above average, and they are the years I was frequently catching conditions like pneumonia, even as I lived in a warm country. Since I relaxed work to below those levels I have hardly ever caught any kind of immume system related virus; I can only remember it happening once since then about eight years on.

Even in much shorter timescales, Timagility predicts when I will feel tired even when I have done no work in the current day. I have discovered the recovery timescales the body operates with, even across multiple days, and can now make allowances for that.

There will also be a premium version later on, with 3D graphics and my optimisation algorithms ecoded automatically so that it adjusts to your work and health and also optimally balances work with the money it earns. I'm looking forward to that myself, it's going to save me even more time and energy.

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John Catchpole, Founder of Hugeaura
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