Return, refund and cancellation: Auramancy

If you purchased directly from Hugeaura, refunds for software must be requested to Hugeaura by phone within 60 days of delivery.
If you purchased your product from a reseller, contact that reseller for their refund terms and instructions on returning your order.

Make your return request by phone within 60 days of receiving the product. Then post your return within this 60 day period, following the instructions given for secure delivery. Returns older than 60 days are not processed. Your return will be complete when Hugeaura receives your software product, including the USB hardware key. Send the software product, all packaging, and enclosed materials in your return package. Ship the package using a courier that has a reliable tracking system and will be signed for on delivery to Hugeaura. Check with us for full instructions. Hugeaura is not responsible for products lost during shipment. Hugeaura provides the refund in the same way in which you paid for the product. £50 is deducted for Hugeaura's shipping and handling costs. Failure to contact Hugeaura Customer Service before returning your product may result in the destruction of your product without refund or exchange.

To request a return and refund see our Contacts page.

Return, refund and cancellation: other software

Please contact the distribution channel of the software for the terms of refund.
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