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Marketmancy software created the graphs on this page and has the following features:
  • portfolio modelling
  • backtesting
  • intelligent graph memory
  • investment algorithm development, saving the cost of hiring a programmer
  • algo library
  • Arrange a personal demonstration. We are aiming this at a small number of investors who have time available to use the system. Available monthly or a discount annually.  More information

    Hugeaura isn't regulated so cannot give investment advice. Any market information here is opinion, not recommendation.

    Sep 9, 2014
    Marketmancy™ is an artificial and augmented intelligence market trading system. It finds long term fast trends with low volatility. Above is an example of an algorithmically defined trend using major asset classes that ended in 2012. The trend actually goes back to 2002 with a little more volatility.

    Apr 30, 2015
    The aim is to achieve low volatility and high trend rate long term investent growth.

    Click for full size
    An earlier portfolio of 13 UK shares, past performance until 30th June 2015, in £
    Actual performance has varied as holdings, and cash levels, change over time
    Trend rate shown is +50% per year
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