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Marketmancy means divination by markets.

I developed it for investing since 2007, based on my research for filtering the entry and exit of fast risers in 2001. The program is now highly developed for item and portfolio comparisons and algorithms with about 130,000 bulit up over that time, some of which run for years as shown in the charts below.

The premise is to try to give myself an advantage over the market and software adds the strengths of computers to where the brain is weaker to create an augmented intelligence system. The important thing is it's techniques that are not generally available in public software or websites so the trades are not crowded and therefore more risky of reversal.

Marketmancy is not generally for sale since if a genuine advantage I'll be better off using it myself! But I do work with others and am open to discussion and licensing some or all of the tech. Send me an email to or subscribe above even if just to chat about the markets and discuss what the program is currently finding.

All charts on this page have been created with current and previous versions of Marketmancy.

  • portfolio modelling
  • volatility reduction without reducing trend
  • backtesting
  • intelligent chart memory
  • algorithm tool, saving the cost of hiring a programmer
  • algo library

  • A small portfolio that performed very well last year, here the chart is relative to a market ETF. Unfortunately it has currently run out of steam. Click image for full size.

    Marketmancy is an augmented intelligence market trading system. It finds long term fast trends with low volatility. Above is an example of an algorithmically defined trend using major asset classes that ended in 2012. The trend goes back to 2002 with a little more volatility.

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    An earlier portfolio with back history of 13 UK shares in £. Trend rate shown is +50% per year.
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