Running Biofield Viewer after installation

When Biofield Viewer is running there is a manual in the Help menu.
Downloading and installing

USB security: The program doesn't run

A Sentinel key not found message box may be underneath other windows on the desktop. Click Ok on it, insert the key, and run the program again, for example with the Biofield Viewer link on the desktop.

Internet security: The program doesn't run

If you cannot see the website on the same computer it may be due to your internet connection or ISP's DNS service. Use a wifi hotspot from your phone and run the program again.  More internet security help


It is easiest to install with Chrome or Firefox and Windows Defender the free anti-virus in Windows.

Apple Mac

This is a Windows application which can also run in a Windows installation on an Apple Mac, which runs in a window on the Mac desktop.  More information

No video appears

There may be another instance of Biofield Viewer or another application using the webcam. Close all applications and run Biofield Viewer again.

DirectX and the d3dx9_41.dll library

If you receive a message similar to 'E0007-Cannot load library d3dx9_41.dll' then DirectX 9 we use isn't installed. The Biofield Viewer installer should install it, but in some instances like a Mac running Windows you may need to run the Microsoft web installer. Go to and open the section 'Windows XP and Windows Server 2003' to reveal download links for the DirectX End-User Runtime.

Email or your Biofield Viewer contact for any other installation help.
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