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Auramancy definition:  Divination by auras, finding useful meaning from a subtle luminous field surrounding an object.

These pages have the science and technical details. There is a quick intro to the software on

Auramancy 3D

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The Auramancy video filter software reveals subtle changes unseen with normal photography.

An assistant for scientists, practitioners, dermatologists, chiropractors and even researchers of the unknown.
Subtle changes that the eye sees but the brain is trained to ignore are shown in a way that refocuses our attention and makes them easy to measure.


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The software is modern technology performing ancient auramancy, developed and refined from John Catchpole's research into fractals in the early 1980s.

Showing how Auramancy displays much more detail than usual methods here is a rooftop in the shade away from the evening sun.

A little more detail can be seen in the middle image with the brightness increased.

Much more can be seen with Auramancy's ability to enhance subtle changes in the original image and make them visible. It is able to see most tiles on the roof.

Auramancy colour codes subtle changes and also uses a unique algorithm in Auramancy Pro that takes information beyond the original image pixels to increase the quality and detail shown.
The top is the original image, streetlamps at night.

Middle - same image made brighter, similar detail.

Bottom - taken with Auramancy in the same conditions within a few seconds of the normal image. The light aura can be seen to extend to the bottom of the Auramancy image, much further than can otherwise be seen.

This shows that Auramancy can see auras better than conventionally, and will indicate some light based auras that cannot be seen with other methods.

The value of seeing subtle light auras


Auramancy then reveals even more information with high performance real time 3D, without 3D source information from the camera. This quantifiably shows information and subtle changes, and can compare images taken at different times.

Auramancy 3D shows more detail with height and colour than can be perceived with colour alone.

A year on one of the dark moles in this image has mostly disappeared, the early changes would have been visible in 3D much earlier than normal visual analysis.


Hold an infra red remote control to a webcam and press a button. You'll see the infra red light in the webcam view but not with your eyes. This is because most webcams only partially filter IR, and leave a subtle amount that is insignificant in normal viewing. Auramancy Pro is sensitive enough to show some subtle changes in heat thermal imaging which according to a study at London Zoo reveals information about the state of the body. It is also far cheaper than many infra red cameras. A USB pure infra red only camera can also be used to remove the visible light.

The value of seeing subtle light auras

Chiropractors are now able to see what they can otherwise only feel.


Auramancy 3 has new greater accuracy with the 'Pro' mode.

On the left is the traditional system with interference shaping and without the higher colours, due to the room lighting. In video this scene shakes due to interference from the lighting frequency.

The right is the same scene taken at the same time with Auramancy 3 Pro rendering a stable image with far greater accuracy even in a low light environment. This saves the cost of extra lighting, as even a dimly lit room can now have the full range of colours for intuitive analysis.


Auramancy for Windows and Apple Mac draws 3D in real time from webcam video or images from high quality 15 Megapixel cameras.

Sophisticated proprietary methods allow what the eyes or mind do not process to be seen. Our eyes are hundreds of megapixels but we cannot remember this amount of information, so we are highly selective. The brain visual cortex does edge detection which means it tends to ignore subtle changes, so the software turns this around to take our minds to details otherwise missed.

Auramancy goes far beyond conventional HD, with resolution limited only by the screen display. Auramancy has typically 40 times the number of pixels (picture elements) of the standard 320x240 webcam resolution, also rendered in high quality 3D.

Image files are saved in full 3D Auramancy format, allowing research after the event by applying multiple analysis methods at a later date. Saved images scale in full detail to whatever the display supports, even if it is higher than that used to record the original image. Exporting conventional 2D image files is also done.

The intuitive user interface keeps time consumption to a minimum. Research information such as notes are remembered within each file.

Multiple screen displays are supported and side by side scalable views are possible for convenient comparison, with any number of images on each display.

A variety of annotations and notes can be saved with the images.


There are two main uses for Auramancy. Firstly as a scientific tool with applications observing subtle visual effects, such as dermatology studying the skin and chiropractic studying what is beneath the skin, where Auramancy can show what they otherwise only feel. It is also a tool for image enhancement and advanced precision recording from video streams.

It can also be used intuitively. Intuition is based on probabilities from experience or feeling from thoughts that have not yet found an explanation.
Practitioners around the world are using this system to visualise subtle changes on the body.

Auramancy is also a public demonstration of subtle changes, for example an immersively felt experience of the 2D display projected onto the full height of a wall in front of the visitor being imaged.

Some effects can be explained by lighting and so it is important to be careful when making claims as to what is being seen. We encourage an open minded approach as we are on the frontier of discoveries with Auramancy as a new sense.


2350 Auramancy 3D with the Biofield Viewer extension which we recommend, lifetime support and updates.
1875 without BV

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Dr. Streeter's Biofield extension includes Auramancy 3D, Chakra mode and an active online community.  Contact us and we will introduce you to Thornton.
Extensions are designed by independent publishers. Hugeaura doesn't endorse any claims made by resellers or extensions, as only qualified practitioners can make medical claims.

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2D/3D real time display, capture, retrieval
Import and export graphics file formats
Change quality before or after capture
Camera and detail selection
Show original and Auramancy images
Basic tools
Visual annotations, notes
Colour sets, alignment and calibration
Advanced file saving
Auramancy Pro   

  • Requirements

    Full computer recommendations

    Hard drive
    Windows 10,7,8    Apple Mac with Windows installed, instructions here
    2 GHz
    64 bit, although we can support 32 bit on request
    1G free, especially for video recording
    DirectX 11 or later graphics, ATI or NVidia brands are usually faster. The faster the 3D hardware the faster and higher quality real time performance.
    A high quality webcam or other USB video input device. The Logitech c920 or c922 webcam has a much better than most image quality and detail.


    Auramancy 3D is based on graphics technology developed for 30 years from John Catchpole's fractal research in 1984. He founded the Fractal Explorers' Club before the internet in 1988, and went on to work in a small team of engineers at Imagination Technologies who developed the 3D PowerVR chips used in Apple's iPhone and iPad. John helped to take the fractal work to real time video analysis in 1992 and founded Hugeaura in 2005 to continue this research and development that has also been used by a third party plugin for Auramancy.

    John invented the business term 'latents' as an alternative to patents to protect the technology for both producers and users of Hugeaura products. Patents require full publishing and expire into the free public domain after only 20 years. So with our long history this has been a good decision and keeps the Auramancy ecosystem the most advanced. We prove our techniques visually and keep the exact algorithms hidden (latent) and under constant refinement with software updates. We also have an application programming interface for developers who can use our plugin model to use these technologies in their own products.

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